About the Carrière College

Carrière College of Hotel, Bridal & Travel Management

The Carriere College of Hotel, Bridal & Travel Management has 3 courses to provide you with the skills needed to work in the hotel, travel and bridal industries. The Hotel program has a Hotel Management Course, Hotel Food and Beverage Service Course and Advanced Hotel Management Course. The Travel & Tourism Management Program has a Travel & Tourism Management Course, Tour Planner Course and Tour Conductor Course and the Bridal Management Program has a Bridal Management Course, Bridal Stylist Course and Wedding Planner Course, allowing students to select the best course for their future job aspirations and acquire the knowledge and skills needed to maximize customer's satisfaction.

Course Term
Hotel Department 2years
Travel Department 2years
Bridal Department 2years
ホテル学科 旅行学科

About appropriate school

An appropriate school must have less than 3% of illegal stay for the total number of foreign students in the past year. Only those schools that have a proper enrollment management of foreign students are approved. For an appropriate school, the visa status of “student” that is given after entrance is 2 years as a general rule (for department with 2 year course). Hence, there is a great advantage of being able to focus on learning since visa renewal is not necessary. Also, the required document for the application for the issuance of certificate of eligibility is reduced.