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Making your dream come true
~Reasons why Carriere is great for employment~

Corresponding to the job hunting

Students can learn from the beginning from mannerism, language use, and how to vow. We offer lectures to give you the ability to pass any employment exam.

  • OBOG seminar
    We invite graduates who are successful in the actual scene. We ask their job detail and experience and have them give advices to students who are looking for a job.
  • Job Type and Industry Seminars
    It is a seminar to understand the type of jobs in the industry. We invite professional from the field and ask about the jobs on site.
  • OBOG seminar Hospitality Seminar
Strategies for Recruitment Interviews and Strategies for Written Employment Examination
Company explanatory meeting at school

Cooperation between the industry and school!

Some companies do screening exam for employment at the classrooms!

One on One Courteous Support!

Since teachers and students are close, it makes it possible to give support for individual student for employment. This is how people got the employment.

Lin Heiyun(Lìn Pèi Yun)

Lin Heiyun
Home country
Program/Course studied
Hotel Department/Hotel Course
Informal job offer
The Westin Miyako Kyoto Hotel

I was impressed by the good service at a Japanese hotel I stayed at a trip in the past, so I started to consider studying hotel management in japan. I especially wanted to study at “Kyoto”, where it is the most popular sightseeing place of Japan for people from all over the world. So I decided to enter this school.

At the very beginning, I was worried if I could adopt myself to the school, but the teachers and classmates were all kind. They always helped and supported me whenever I needed. The classes were practice-oriented, so making things very interesting. The two-year school life was full of fun. During job hunting, teachers and friends helped me to practise interviews and paper tests, so I successfully got an unofficial offer. When I received that offer, I felt as if it was a dream. I could actually feel that keeping your faith and trying you best then your dreams will come true.

In future, I would like to be a professional in the hotel industry who can give Omotenashi service to all customers. Not only Japanese but also foreign people by applying what I learned from the College.If you are considering working at fields such as Hotel, Travel, or Bridal, I strongly recommend you to join the school tour for once.

Breakthrough in the number of certificate acquisition!

Breakthrough in the number of certificate acquisition!