Housing Support & Aid for Student Jobs

Housing support and aid for Student Jobs

Affiliated student dormitory

Dormitories that accept overseas students provide healthy and balanced breakfast specially prepared by a full-time nutritionist. Moreover, safety is not a concern, as the couple managing the dormitory is permanently stationed there.

  1. Safety and Security
    Safety and Security
    Couple managing the dormitory are permanently station, and they help with receiving couriers and medical care in case of sudden illness. Entrance of the dormitory is equipped with automatic lock, and security cameras are also installed.
  2. Comfortable
    Comfortable< In addition to table, chair, and bookshelf, all the required facilities for day-to-day living such as bed, wardrobe, telephone, and air-conditioner are available. Needless to say that every student is allotted a single room.
  3. Healthy
    Healthy Healthy and balanced food prepared by a full-time nutritionist is served in breakfast and dinner. You can select from Japanese and Western breakfast, and rice and miso soup are served on all you can eat basis.

Dormitory charges: Breakdown

  Breakdown Payment amount
When signing the agreement Entrance fees 45,000
Deposit 45,000
Building maintenance charges (annual) 3,000
Monthly cost Monthly accommodation charges (including meals) 77,900
Electricity charges On actuals
Telephone charges On actuals
Communication facility use fees 3,888

(Unit: Yen)

  • Charges shown here are applicable for contract period of 91 days to 12 months.

Room Layout(example)

oom Layout(example)
Support at the respective campuses.

Apart from the affiliated dormitories, we can also introduce the following residences.

  • Students' residence designated by college (Rent 25,000 Yen to 65,000 Yen per month)
  • Student apartments (We will introduce a reliable real-estate agent.)

Please contact the person in-charge of accommodation support at the respective campuses.

Part-time job

Part-time job

Taiwa Gakuen supports overseas students in finding and applying for part-time jobs.

Places that accepted our students for part-time jobs (partial)

  Shop / Hotel Type Track record
1 eXcafe Kyoto Cafè
2 Ohiriya Jinbay Souvenir shop
3 Hakkenden Saga Outlet Izakaya
4 café ran Zan Café
5 “Japanese Restaurant Sato” Saga Outlet Japanese style restaurant
6 HANANA Specialty shop of rice with green tea
7 Hokka Hokka Tei Saga Elementary School Outlet Lunch vendor
8 Toriichi Kyoto cuisine
9 Oiwa Other Japanese cuisine
10 Sakura Kitchen Chinese cuisine
  Shop / Hotel Type Track record
11 Fukunaga General restaurant
12 Hiro Co., Ltd. General restaurant
13 Baby Face Café
14 Union Service Create Temporary staffing
15 Toshijiro Onigiri (Sawatoshi Kobayashi rice shop) Other Japanese cuisine
16 Glamorous Food Ltd. Momoyanishiki Outlet Sashimi dishes
17 Chabu Chabu Izakaya
18 Roman Life Western Sweets
19 Mimosu Bread Shop Bakery
20 Kyoto Brighton Hotel Hotel
  Shop / Hotel Type Track record
21 New Miyako Hotel Hotel
22 The Westin Miyako Kyoto Hotel
23 Kyoto Hotel Okura Hotel
24 Hyatt Regency Kyoto Hotel
25 KYOTO Royal Hotel& SPA Hotel